Lincoln Investor Advantage® Suite

With tax rates reaching their highest level in more than 30 years, investors can minimize tax exposure to help protect their wealth and retirement income assets. Consider Lincoln Investor Advantage® variable annuity, a tax-efficient investment strategy that's built for the long term.

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Protecting wealth through
tax-efficient investing

Learn about the benefits of Lincoln Investor Advantage®.

Growth powered by tax deferral

Lincoln Investor Advantage® provides tax-deferred growth. Clients won’t be taxed on any earnings or growth until you withdraw funds or begin taking income. Tax deferral alone won’t ensure growth, due to the inherent fluctuating nature of investing.

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You can also select the level of protection for your beneficiaries, based on our basic or enhanced options for death benefits.

Investments powered by excellence

Lincoln Investor Advantage® offers investment options to build a portfolio. Our investment partners represent some of the industry’s most respected managers, and our menu includes a diverse selection of traditional and alternative investment options.

Income powered by innovation

With i4LIFE® Advantage, an optional benefit available for an additional charge, investors can take advantage of our patented income distribution method. This option provides tax-efficient income when investing with non-qualified money. Read more about i4LIFE® Advantage.

Contact a financial professional to determine if a Lincoln Investor Advantage® variable annuity is right for you.

A variable annuity is a long-term investment product that offers tax-deferred growth, access to leading investment managers and a lifetime income stream. To decide if a variable annuity is right for you, consider that its value will fluctuate, and it is subject to investment risk and possible loss of principal. In addition, there are associated costs, such as mortality and expenses, and administrative and advisory fees. All guarantees, including those for optional features, are subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuer. Limitations and conditions apply.

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