Lincoln PreservationEdge® SVUL

Concerned with how your beneficiaries will be able to pay your estate tax bill? Have you provided a solid business succession plan to ensure the continuation of the business you developed?

Take a closer look at Lincoln PreservationEdge® SVUL, a survivorship variable universal live insurance policy that insures two lives with a single policy and pays benefits following the second death, when it’s needed most. Lincoln PreservationEdge® SVUL can figure prominently in your personal financial or business succession plan. This cost-efficient solution may help assure your beneficiaries have the financial resources needed to pay estate taxes or continue your business.

Distinctive benefits

  • Two lives insured on one policy
  • Cost-effective protection designed for efficient estate transfer
  • A legacy for your heirs or valuable protection for your business, as your designated beneficiaries
  • The freedom to invest in a diverse portfolio: Market-driven growth potential for your account value through more than 70 investment options from our Lincoln Elite Series of Funds. Lincoln VUL gives you the flexibility, protection and tax advantages of life insurance with a range of fixed and variable investment options
  • The freedom to craft your policy portfolio from conservative to aggressive
  • Access to money through loans and withdrawals from account value: Please note: loans and withdrawals will reduce your policy’s cash surrender value and death benefit and may cause the policy to lapse.  Loans are not considered income and are tax free. Withdrawals and surrenders are tax free up to your cost basis, provided your policy is not a modified endowment contract (MEC). An MEC policy is one in which the life insurance limits exceed certain high levels of premium, or the cumulative premium payments exceed certain amounts specified under the Internal Revenue Code. For policies that are MECs, distributions during the life of the insured, including loans, are first treated as taxable to the extent of income in the contract, and an additional 10% federal income tax may apply for withdrawals made prior to age 59½.
  • A variety of no lapse provisions are available to help hedge against a down market: After the no-lapse benefit expires or terminates, the accumulation value must be sufficient to keep the policy in force or additional premiums will be required to avoid a policy lapse. Paying only the premium required to satisfy the no-lapse guarantee may lessen the potential for build-up of the policy's accumulation value. Not available with Death Benefit Option 3.
  • Choice of three Death Benefit Options, including level or increasing death benefit protection.

Contact your financial advisor today to learn how Lincoln PreservationEdge® SVUL can be a vital part of your financial or business succession plans.

Variable products are sold by prospectus. Consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the variable product and its underlying investment options carefully before investing. The prospectus contains this and other information about the variable product and its underlying investment options. Please review the prospectus available online for additional information. 

Read it carefully before investing.






Lincoln PreservationEdge® SVUL is issued on policy form LN699 and state variations by The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, Fort Wayne IN, distributed by Lincoln Financial Distributors, Inc., and offered through broker/dealers with an effective selling agreement.  The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company does not solicit business in the state of New York, nor is it authorized to do so.  Contractual obligations are backed by the claims-paying ability of The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company. 

Policies sold in New York are issued on policy form LN699 by Lincoln Life & Annuity Company of New York, Syracuse, NY, and distributed by Lincoln Financial Distributors, Inc.  Contractual obligations are backed by the claims-paying ability of Lincoln Life & Annuity Company of New York.

All policies have exclusions and/or limitations and are subject to underwriting approval with policy terms and conditions. An additional cost for riders will be deducted from the policy account value.

Products and features are subject to state availability.