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Competitive advantages

We rely on extensive research and the latest advancements in medicine to help your clients get affordable coverage.

Clients want simplicity and cost efficiency

Getting approved for insurance is easier with Lincoln. We’ve eliminated resting EKGs for all ages and face amounts. Our improved guidelines facilitate more competitive offers for clients with a history of breast or prostate cancer, asthma, ulcerative colitis, and atrial fibrillation. And, we’ve made significant improvements to our hepatitis C guidelines.

Special considerations for non-cigarette tobacco users

Lincoln offers the standard nonsmoker risk classification to tobacco-using individuals who:

  • Meet all standard criteria per underwriting guidelines
  • Use chewing tobacco, pipe, or cigars
  • May test positive for nicotine by urine sample
  • Have not used cigarettes or vaped (using nicotine, nicotine liquid, or flavored liquids) the past 12 months

Note: Marijuana is not considered a tobacco product and can qualify for nontobacco rates.

More affordability with our medical strength

  • Preferred plus available for treated hypertension
  • Preferred consideration for clients with certain types of cancers: prostate, testicular, thyroid, uterine and cervical
  • Preferred classes available to clients with a family history of cancer
  • Preferred classes available for clients with a personal history of diabetes for ages 70 and up
  • Up to four tables of favorable profile credits available for cardiac conditions. Standard rates may be available over age 70 with a history of coronary artery disease.
Dr. Greene
See what the doctor has to say

Dr. John Greene, vice president of Lincoln Life Medical Underwriting, explains the importance of buying life insurance.

Helping clients with hepatitis C

We’ve made significant strides to offer favorable underwriting for individuals in treatment for hepatitis C. Often undiagnosed, this virus can lead to chronic illness and premature death. Yet, there are new treatments that can cure the disease.

We’ve partnered with the American Liver Foundation to create awareness of hepatitis C. A significant number of those who have been exposed to the virus were born between 1945 and 1965. We encourage your boomer clients to be tested and suggest sharing these helpful tips with them. Review these facts and tips

Many who have Hepatitis C are unaware, because they don't look or feel ill. Even though they don't have symptoms, they can still spread the disease.