Hands together.

Large case know-how

Successful clients and business owners often need significant amounts of life insurance to accomplish their goals.

Look to Lincoln for large case capacity

We have the right products and resources to place your large cases. You can expect:

  • A no-risk guarantee for reinsurance capacity review
  • Access to reinsurance capacity for coverage amounts in excess of $100 million
  • An impressive $60 million autobind and $65 million jumbo limit
  • Strong collaboration with our reinsurance partners on facultative submissions and complex case design

Underwriting begins with a focus on exemplary service

Trust our team of experienced underwriting professionals for your large, high-profile cases. 

  • Dedicated team assignments for Associate Chief Underwriters
  • Exclusive new business point of contact
  • Solid expertise in estate planning concepts, business insurance, premium financing and foreign national risks
  • In-depth industry knowledge of life, long-term care and hybrid products

When to consider premium financing

If your clients are business owners, they may have capital set aside for business objectives. If your clients are successful investors, they may not want to liquidate growing assets to pay premiums. Premium financing may be an optimal solution for cases like these.