A couple meeting with a friendly advisor.

Issues facing
clients today

Your clients rely on you to help create wealth and protect their assets. They look to you for guidance addressing their concerns and managing their risks.

Protecting clients’ wealth

Lincoln research found that discussing wealth protection is the #1 driver of clients’ satisfaction with their advisors.1 By offering clients the guidance they’re seeking, you can set yourself apart and build deeper client relationships.

What are your clients’ top concerns?

Clients are concerned about the impact of taxes, longevity, inflation and market risk on their financial future.

Taxes Long-Term Care Expenses Longevity Inflation Market Risk
“I didn’t consider taxes when planning for retirement.” "With long-term care expenses rising, how can I protect my family and stay in control?" “Will my retirement income continue as long as I live? Will my purchasing power keep up with inflation?” “Will I have enough savings in retirement to keep up with the rate of inflation?” “I’m afraid of a market downturn, especially before I retire.”
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1Lincoln Financial Group and Hanover Research, “Managing Extended Care Risks,” October 2014.