Market volatility

We continue to hear that market volatility is one of the hardest risks to manage in your clients' retirement portfolios. While you can’t control volatility, Lincoln can help you design strategies to prepare for it.

Solutions built to minimize the impact of volatile markets

No matter how the markets move, your clients depend on you to deliver their retirement outcomes over the long term. Our range of insurance solutions can help you stay focused on growing clients’ wealth in any environment. When you take action to manage risk within clients’ portfolios, you not only protect their retirement goals, but you also strengthen your relationships.

Consumers with an advisor feel better prepared to withstand a market downturn than their unadvised peers. Yet 42% of clients say they haven’t addressed market volatility with an advisor.*

Protect clients’ wealth with strategies built for any market

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Managing Long-term Care Risks. Hanover Research and Lincoln Financial Group, October 2014.

*Lincoln Financial and Hanover Research, “Wealth Protection Survey, 2015."