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Lasting retirement income

Retirement income planning has changed, but your clients’ needs haven’t. How can you add greater certainty to their portfolios?

In a changing world, your clients want to know whether they’ll be able to maintain their current lifestyle in retirement. And they look to you for answers on how to build a lasting income strategy.

Diversifying sources of retirement income  

The state of pensions, interest rates and equity markets, combined with longer lifespans, have made the math more challenging than ever. Yet there may be options to help increase clients’ income certainty without taking on more risk.

Enhanced growth and income options

  • 70/30 investment options with Lincoln Market Select® Advantage
  • 5% joint life and 5.25% single life income at age 65 with Lincoln Lifetime IncomeSM Advantage 2.0 (managed risk)

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Why add income certainty to clients’ portfolios?

  • Help clients feel more confident about maintaining their lifestyle in retirement.
  • Diversify income streams beyond Social Security and investment returns.
  • Provide a steady and minimum income floor.

Learn more about how adding certainty to your clients’ retirement income strategies can help them meet their goals. Contact your Lincoln representative today.