The Big Picture Advisor podcast

Today’s advisors have so much on their plates. From clients to HR, operations, marketing and so on – how can anyone effectively balance it all?

The Big Picture Advisor is a modern take on connecting financial professionals to industry specialists, as well as other successful advisors to share best practices, insights and new ways to grow in this instant-gratification economy we now live in.

The Big Picture Advisor is hosted by VP of Marketing Tara Harkins at Lincoln Financial Network (LFN). Join us every three weeks to hear “From the desk of” rotating guests, including industry specialists, motivational speakers, executives and thought leaders.

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Episode 2 – From the desk of: Dustin Garis, Chief Troublemaker

Purpose, passion and life profit

Dustin Garis encourages financial professionals to embrace the concept of life profit in order to live more memorably.

CRN 2936467-020420

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Episode 1 – From the desk of: Laura Stack, Productivity Pro

Finding the right work-life balance

Laura Stack discusses how increasing productivity can help financial professionals focus their activities on high-value tasks that will drive maximum value to their businesses.

CRN 2897594-010820

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